Netflix UK is an innovative service, that allows customers to watch unlimited films and television episodes via the internet. Movies and programmes can be streamed to your computer over the web for a small monthly fee and there are no restrictions on how much you can watch in a month.

There are over eighteen genres to choose from, and unlike usual TV viewing, where you may end up watching something you don’t like simply because there is “nothing on”, the massive variety of items available on Netflix allows you to pick and choose what you would like to watch. For £5.99 per month, each customer gets and TV shows that they love.

Many of us have a list of films that we simply “must see”, but haven’t managed to arrange the time to do so. allows us to finally watch those must-see movies and tick them off our lists. With so much choice as well, you can readily watch old favourites or you can just as easily watch something new. It’s all easy to access using just a few clicks.

TV Shows
When it comes to watching television programmes, many of us get frustrated when we miss our favourite shows. Where interactive players have been created for us to watch “catch up” TV, even these have their limits and often the episodes that we want to watch are only available online for one week after its original broadcast.

Netflix UK ensures that you can not only see the episodes that you have missed from your favourite show, but you can also watch the episodes again and again should you want to! Netflix UK also offers entire series, which is ideal if you want to watch all the episodes of your favourite sitcom in order.

Devices and the Internet
Films and TV programmes can be watched on a variety of devices when using Netflix. Computers, televisions, games consoles and smartphones are just a few of the devices that you can use to watch your film or episode of choice.

The main requirement that allows you to stream Netflix is an internet connection. Laptops and computers that are automatically set up with an internet connection are therefore the most obvious devices to watch your films from. However, if you wish to watch a film from Netflix on your TV, connecting your computer to your TV using a HDMI or VGA cable is simple enough and allows you to view our films on a bigger and better quality screen.

Netflix can also be streamed through various games consoles and can even be watched on some smartphones and tablets where you just need to download an app to get started. Using a tablet or smartphone also means that you can stream Netflix wherever and whenever you want.

The internet connection that you have will determine how fast your film or TV episode can start playing, but more than 500KB per second is the standard usage you need to ensure good viewing.
Overall, the best things about Netflix UK are its convenience and its low price. Not only this, but it is available to practically everyone and is a great way for avoiding adverts too.

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